EZYWRAPS - iPhone Charger Organizer

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EZY TO USE - So simple it only take 3 steps!

Press the charger into the cover.

Wrap the cable around the block and latch the belt.

Take it anywhere because it fits in a purse, backpack, and even pocket without getting messy!

FLEXIBLE - Don’t worry about cable length issues we took care of that. It can support from the most average sized cables to the more crazy cables that go up to 15 feet!

PROTECTION - Protect your charger from outside forces with our high quality silicone cover that keeps the cord and block all in one place and prevents it from wear and tear in any tight or rough environment.

EASE OF MIND - Stay relaxed and at peace knowing you are carrying your charger on those trips to other countries, your friends house, or study session at the cafe. You can live in the moment and charge that phone in a pinch when it comes time.

PORTABLE - Because of how the cable is organized on to the block it keeps the form factor surprisingly small! The longer the cable the better the result!